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Find the latest and best tips for getting your own elite proxy server.  Does your proxy need a password?  How to find out if your proxy is fast or slow?  Just when should you rent or get your own proxy?  All these proxy server related questions and more are answered here.  Make the most of your server today.


14/11/2009 14:25

How Can I Get Different IPs On My Elite Proxy?

For those who are going to setup their own Elite Proxy, making sure your IPs are from different C class IP ranges is something you should pay special attention to. It is not something that is talked about much, but by not making sure you are using IPs on your proxy server from different C class...


27/10/2009 10:39

Should I Use Passwords On My Elite Proxy?

If you have your own Elite Proxy then something that is vital to know about is security. Having to constantly enter usernames and passwords when changing IPs can be tiring but should not be neglected. Proxy servers are machines out in the open on the internet and therefore can potentially be...


27/10/2009 10:38

Rent Your Elite Proxy Or Just Get Your Own?

When it comes to a Elite Proxy, there are two ways of getting one. You can rent one from someone else or just setup your own. So when should you rent and when should you setup one? If you really need multiple IPs, you would probably be better off setting up your own proxy server. How much is...


27/10/2009 10:37

Elite Proxy - Why Are They The Best Proxy?

Want Elite Proxy? It isn't always easy to be truly anonymous online and protect your real identity. You can be anonymous or hide your identity online with a proxy server, but here is where the problems start. The main reason for this is because there are many different kinds of proxy servers. The...