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14/11/2009 14:25

How Can I Get Different IPs On My Elite Proxy?

For those who are going to setup their own Elite Proxy, making sure your IPs are from different C class IP ranges is something you should pay special attention to. It is not something that is talked about much, but by not making sure you are using IPs on your proxy server from different C class IP ranges you are opening the door to be blocked by websites.

IPs are seperated into four ranges, A B C and D. These ranges are used to identify the network and network ID. Everyone on the internet is assigned an IP which is used to identify them while they are online. Most people know that by going offline and then back online you are able to change your IP, but more often than not it is still within the same IP range. This allows companies and other people to more easily identify your activities as even after changing your IP, it hasn't changed enough so that one could make assumptions or try and track patterns of activity between your new and old IP. websites could potentially use a setup that tracks IP activity to find similarities between IPs online and stop unwanted spam. Using different C class IP ranges on your proxy server would definitely make it much harder or almost impossible for websites to do this.

As previously mentioned, using IPs in the same C class IP range may make it possible for websites to detect your activity even though you could be using several different accounts (since your new IP isn't varied enough from the old one to make you look like a completely different user). This very same concept of using different C class IP ranges applies to proxy servers and is something you should pay great attention to. Generally speaking, IPs on proxy server are within the same range, this is something you should try to avoid. If you wish to post a lot of ads on websites then remaining anonymous is very important, be sure to ask about getting IPs on your Elite Proxy from different ranges.


27/10/2009 10:39

Should I Use Passwords On My Elite Proxy?

If you have your own Elite Proxy then something that is vital to know about is security. Having to constantly enter usernames and passwords when changing IPs can be tiring but should not be neglected. Proxy servers are machines out in the open on the internet and therefore can potentially be accessed by anyone. However, some may think that finding the IP of your proxy server is next to impossible due to the large amount of other machines and IPs on the internet. In this day and age there are a multitude of tools that can make IP scanning a very simple process and allow someone to scan thousands and thousands of IPs in a very short time. For this reason it is strongly suggested that you ALWAYS use a login and password on your proxy server. If someone else gains access to your proxy server then you can be held liable for any damages that they do through the use of it. Instead of not using a password, look to use software the can save usernames and passwords for the IP ports on your proxy to save time. Use these instead as they will achieve what you want (speeding up the login process) but also alow you to retain the high level of security that your Elite Proxy requires. 


27/10/2009 10:38

Rent Your Elite Proxy Or Just Get Your Own?

When it comes to a Elite Proxy, there are two ways of getting one. You can rent one from someone else or just setup your own. So when should you rent and when should you setup one? If you really need multiple IPs, you would probably be better off setting up your own proxy server. How much is a lot of ads? Needing anymore than five IPs, would be considered heavy and you should look at your own server. Less than this and you should be ok with renting IPs from someone else. Renting IPs from other people is fine, but usually they come at a much higher price compared to setting up your own. If you need more than just a few IPs, look at investing into your own Elite Proxy instead of renting from someone else. You will save a bundle of money. 


27/10/2009 10:37

Elite Proxy - Why Are They The Best Proxy?

Want Elite Proxy? It isn't always easy to be truly anonymous online and protect your real identity. You can be anonymous or hide your identity online with a proxy server, but here is where the problems start. The main reason for this is because there are many different kinds of proxy servers. The only proxy server that lets you be 100% anonymous online and hide your real IP is called an elite proxy.

A proxy acts as a middle man while you are web surfing and transfer info back to your computer. Your actual web surfing is done through or via the proxy server. This means that the IP you use while online isn't your home computer's IP, it is the IP of the proxy. If anyone checked your IP while you were surfing, the IP they see isn't yours but is the proxies and if you are using an elite proxy they have no way of knowing that you even changed or have hidden your IP.

When it comes to proxies, elite proxies are the best because they offer the highest level of anonymity possible from a proxy. While using an elite proxy not only are you 100% anonymous, but the IPs they give you look like any normal IP found online and not a proxy IP. There is no way to tell you are using a proxy server. There is no use in changing your IP if someone can tell you have done it.

For anyone who is serious about changing their IP and Elite Proxy, elite proxies are the only choice. The speed, anonymity and ability for IPs to be cloaked so you look like any other average Joe on the internet makes them the absolute best proxy solution.