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Elite Proxy - Why Are They The Best Proxy?

27/10/2009 10:37

Want Elite Proxy? It isn't always easy to be truly anonymous online and protect your real identity. You can be anonymous or hide your identity online with a proxy server, but here is where the problems start. The main reason for this is because there are many different kinds of proxy servers. The only proxy server that lets you be 100% anonymous online and hide your real IP is called an elite proxy.

A proxy acts as a middle man while you are web surfing and transfer info back to your computer. Your actual web surfing is done through or via the proxy server. This means that the IP you use while online isn't your home computer's IP, it is the IP of the proxy. If anyone checked your IP while you were surfing, the IP they see isn't yours but is the proxies and if you are using an elite proxy they have no way of knowing that you even changed or have hidden your IP.

When it comes to proxies, elite proxies are the best because they offer the highest level of anonymity possible from a proxy. While using an elite proxy not only are you 100% anonymous, but the IPs they give you look like any normal IP found online and not a proxy IP. There is no way to tell you are using a proxy server. There is no use in changing your IP if someone can tell you have done it.

For anyone who is serious about changing their IP and Elite Proxy, elite proxies are the only choice. The speed, anonymity and ability for IPs to be cloaked so you look like any other average Joe on the internet makes them the absolute best proxy solution.