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How Can I Get Different IPs On My Elite Proxy?

14/11/2009 14:25

For those who are going to setup their own Elite Proxy, making sure your IPs are from different C class IP ranges is something you should pay special attention to. It is not something that is talked about much, but by not making sure you are using IPs on your proxy server from different C class IP ranges you are opening the door to be blocked by websites.

IPs are seperated into four ranges, A B C and D. These ranges are used to identify the network and network ID. Everyone on the internet is assigned an IP which is used to identify them while they are online. Most people know that by going offline and then back online you are able to change your IP, but more often than not it is still within the same IP range. This allows companies and other people to more easily identify your activities as even after changing your IP, it hasn't changed enough so that one could make assumptions or try and track patterns of activity between your new and old IP. websites could potentially use a setup that tracks IP activity to find similarities between IPs online and stop unwanted spam. Using different C class IP ranges on your proxy server would definitely make it much harder or almost impossible for websites to do this.

As previously mentioned, using IPs in the same C class IP range may make it possible for websites to detect your activity even though you could be using several different accounts (since your new IP isn't varied enough from the old one to make you look like a completely different user). This very same concept of using different C class IP ranges applies to proxy servers and is something you should pay great attention to. Generally speaking, IPs on proxy server are within the same range, this is something you should try to avoid. If you wish to post a lot of ads on websites then remaining anonymous is very important, be sure to ask about getting IPs on your Elite Proxy from different ranges.